The Best Breakfast Destinations

women eating breakfast in a restaurant

Are there mornings when you just don’t feel like scrambling eggs or flipping pancakes? If so, head to one of the following restaurants near Residence at the Links where you are sure to have a delicious and filling breakfast: Blackberry Market Anna Davidson grew up following her mother to the grocery store where she asked […]

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Kimmer’s Ice Cream Offers Sweet Treats

person holding an ice cream cone

With the weather growing warmer by the day, ice cream season is finally here! Start the spring off right with a cone of your favorite flavor from Kimmer’s Ice Cream, an ice cream store in nearby Wheaton, IL. Kimmer’s Ice Cream is the creation of Kimmer Elam, an ice cream innovator who loves creating unique […]

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See Uncommon Birds Near Residence at the Links


Just sixteen minutes from Residence at the Links is a gently rolling landscape known as Hawk Hollow Forest Preserve. It contains one of the largest unbroken blocks of grasslands in the United States, and several uncommon bird species call it home.¬†Even if you aren’t an avid bird watcher, coming across the following species while hiking […]

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