Visit Kabuki For Delicious Japanese Food


Rich, tender fish, mild rice, and flavorful soy sauce come together in such a delightful way that only sushi lovers can truly appreciate. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy fresh sushi near Residence at the Links, then visit Kabuki Steakhouse & Sushi, a Japanese restaurant where entertainment and great food come together. Kabuki […]

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Dine On Wings And Burgers At Jaxx Pub & Grill


Crispy chicken wings, juicy burgers, and hoppy beer: do these sound like the makings of a great evening to you? If so, you need to check out Jaxx Pub & Grill, a modern American eatery about 10 minutes from Residence at the Links. Jaxx Pub & Grill aims to make dining out a full experience. […]

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