Enjoy Succulent Indian Food at Ashoka in Glendale Heights

indian food with naan and spices

Residence at the Links¬†residents craving authentic Indian cuisine should make a point to stop by Ashoka in Glendale Heights. The eatery is located only a few blocks away from the Willow Wood Shopping Center. Ashoka’s palate-pleasing food and friendly service have its customers returning for more.


Ashoka’s dining room is elegant and somewhat formal, making it ideal for special occasions. All tables are dressed in white tablecloths. The restaurant, however, has a comfortable, energetic atmosphere.


Ashoka serves a variety of delicious and satisfying appetizers. Their tasty vegetable samosa is a deep-fried turnover stuffed with peas and potatoes. If you prefer a gooey version, try their cheese samosas with tomatoes and onions.

The restaurant also makes pakora or deep-fried vegetables battered in chickpea flour. They have several varieties including a mixed pakora made with onion, hot peppers, and potatoes. There are also onion, cheese, paneer, and spicy pakora options.

Another excellent appetizer that the restaurant prepares is the masala papad. Chefs top this fried lentil wafer with onions, tomatoes, green peppers, coriander, and spices. Additional starters that diners will enjoy are dosa, pau bhaji, idli sambar, uttapam, and papadum.

Tandoori Delights

Ashoka uses a tandoor oven to roast lamb and chicken. Indian cuisine has used this vat-shaped clay oven for thousands of years. Chefs heat the appliance to high temperatures with mesquite wood and charcoal, sealing in meat juices and producing succulent dishes.

Order their chicken tandoori, marinated in fresh yogurt, ground herbs, and cooked within the oven. If chicken isn’t your thing, Ashoka also serves fish, paneer, and lamb tikka.

Chicken Specialties

Ashoka also has several chicken specialties on their menu. Try their butter chicken simmered in a mild tomato sauce with ghee. A star dish is chicken tikka masala. Spicy meat is seared in a hot, tandoor oven, then dressed with tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and a butter sauce.

Diners can request one of their mouthwatering curry dishes. A featured plate is their chicken and egg curry with hard-boiled eggs. They also offer a curry prepared with pineapple, ground coconut, and spiced sauce.

Ashoka in Glendale Heights is one of many restaurants near The Residence at the Links. We have recently renovated our apartment homes. Our community has an abundance of amenities including two 24-hour fitness centers that face Glendale Lakes Golf Course. We have outdoor saunas, spas, and pools. Contact us today to request a tour.

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