Reach New Limits at Vertical Endeavors in Glendale Heights!

Indoor climbing showing a bouldering gym wall.

The Largest Indoor Climbing Facility in the Country

Climbers know the struggle. They’re used to pushing themselves further and further as they take on each new challenge. For some, it’s a hobby and for others, it’s a lifestyle.

Whatever your speed, your apartment in Glendale Heights will be close to Vertical Endeavors. It just so happens that this location is the nation’s single largest indoor climbing facility!

Vertical Endeavors Visitor Info

Located at 246 Windy Point Drive, this is the organization’s newest facility and boasts over 45,000 square feet of scalable walls, not to mention up to 30-foot-tall routes. This location also boasts curved “wave walls,” a variety of overhang areas, and hand-carved cracks.

In operation since 1992, Vertical Endeavors offers a plethora of options including, but hardly limited to, year-round indoor and outdoor lessons, ice climbing, camps, group events, homeschool events, and an adult league. Be sure to check the calendar and look out for special upcoming events. Upcoming events include the USA Climbing Bouldering Divisionals and the “Passion for Flashin'” Competition.  The opportunities here are limitless.

At Vertical Endeavors, everyone is welcome. There is no limit on age or experience. All you need is the right clothing and the will to climb. After watching a short orientation you’ll be all set to go!

Still unsure? There’s even a virtual tour available so you can see for yourself exactly what you’ll have access to before committing to anything.

To talk more about this, or any other activities and events near Residence at the Links, please contact us. Happy climbing!

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